Transformer Man


Trentemøller covers 'Transformer Man' by Neil Young

"I actually didn’t know about this song until Marie Fisker played it."

Have you already heard about the controversial song 'Transformer Man' by Neil Young? At the time of the release in 1982, the song wasn't what Neil Young's fans expected it to sound like and was finally put on the back burner. Since then, the song is still hidden from Neil Young's classic and even his fans like Trentemøller didn't know about the existence of it. But now, it's all about to change! 

Trentemøller took the challenge to make a cover of the song together with Marie Fisker lending his voice. They deconstructed the whole song to take complete possession of his music and turned it into a magnificent spacey and gripping song. 

"I thought it could be interesting to get rid of all that disco/vocoder stuff and focus on the song itself and suddenly it shined in new splendor. Marie interprets the song in such a personal way that it feels like, for us at least, it’s nearly a brand new tune. That’s what she’s really good at."

Photo credit: Neal McQueen