Jacob Bellens by Martin Bubandt


'Trail Of Intuition' - brand new Jacob Bellens album out in March

Jacob Bellens is now all set to release his second studio album on hfn music. After the heartfelt but modern pop production 'Polyester Skin' an the lush summer-groover 'Whenever', here comes 'Trail of Intuition'. Unlike his earlier releases, Jacob wrote this album on his computer. You could see him sitting in front of his laptop in coffee shops across Copenhagen, with his headphones on, letting the basic programming and pre-production of the songs become an essential part of the writing process.With a significant focus on pop music, an electronic synth twist and catchy song structures, with its playfulness as well as the ambiguous lyrics, 'Trail Of Intuition' feels both, bright and melancholic, in many ways.

Renegade’ will be the first single and video in January and Jacob Bellens will tour with his band from June 2018, following on from the Danish tour in April.