The Mansisters by Neal McQueen


Sisters & Brothers are back!

The Mansisters aka Kasper Bjørke and Sexy Lazer return with a carefully curated Sisters & Brothers Gathering! 

Third Gathering is another great come-together of talented artists and includes 6 tracks made in England, Germany, Italy and Iceland - carefully curated by Sexy Lazer and Kasper Bjørke.

This time, the Gathering will include UK producer Matt Karmil, hfn music regular Modular Project from Italy, Sexy Lazer & Kaktus Einarsson from Iceland. From Germany, Technobeton & Friedtower present a greatly structured and disturbed track. 

Far up in the north the Icelandic techno duo Bypass wrote a composition named Blómavasi (flower vase) years back as teenagers. ‘I Belong’ by Andi is also coming from Iceland and closes the package with a very elegant and well made electronica track that leaves you longing for more. 

Coming in February!


photo by Neal McQueen