Out now: Vanishing Point

Out now: Vanishing Point, the first single by Fluqx!

The drifting vegetation in the desert re-synthesised as soundscapes floating towards the "Vanishing Point" - does this count as postmodern electronica?

A first revelation from the upcoming mixed-media video by Alex Dubrocard (animations) and Joel from Fluqx music for their debut single dropping on the 6th!

When producer Joel Krozer and singer Brian Della Valle first met it was clear that a musical collaboration was a must. Hearing Brian (also singer-songwriter Of The Valley) recording in the studio below his, Joel was immediately struck by his voice. Their debut single "Vanishing Point" makes use of desolate synth landscapes contrasted with intimate vocal deliveries over steady, pulsating drum patterns.

The accompanying music video animated by Alex Dubrocard and shot by Joel Krozer is a tour de force. Otherworldly objects traverse through luscious, vast plains, exploring beauty and open space. One feels a kinship to these visitors and so too with their story as it plays out against these immense, beautiful backgrounds.

The video had its first screening on September 3rd  in a small cozy Copenhagen cinema and also premiered on September 5th on Rockerilla.com.

Out now on hfn music