Swim Lesson by Jacob Bellens


Out now: Swim Lesson by Jacob Bellens

Jacob Bellens is back! After his last album "Trail Of Intuition" (2018) and "Love Is Robotic" from this summer, we are now happy to present to you new music by the Danish singer-songwriter: The two-tracker "Swim Lesson", coming out just in time for the holidays. "Swim Lesson" consists of the tracks "Can't Shazam It" and "Scarlet Letter", both produced by local enigma and fellow Copenhagen mystic La Martinus. Sound-wise, they are going to hit a more electronic path, just like "Love Is Robotic". 

You can take a listen to "Can't Shazam It" and "Scarlet Letter" here:

"I have always listened to virtually any genre of music that’s available out there and never really felt any difference between the styles of music I'm working in", Jacob Bellens explained this new musical direction in a Q&A about his last single Love Is Robotic. "In other words, the electronic sound has always been a part of me, as well as the more folky, classical expression. I listen to a lot of contemporary pop, urban, r&b, rap and I think the sound I had when I created the production for "Love Is Robotic" was just a melting pot of the music I've been listening to in the months leading up to that."

Read the full interview here.

photo by Neal McQueen