The Mansisters - pic by Neal Mc Queen


Out now: Sisters & Brothers Vol. 07 by The Mansisters

Today we see the release of the new episode of our beloved Sisters and Brothers series: The Mansisters - 'Queens Of The Night - Sisters & Brothers Vol. 07'!

Kasper Bjørke’s and Sexy Lazer’s project of heart, the Sisters & Brothers series that found shelter under the roof of hfn music, confidently continues with the second release this year already. As a platform for music of themselves and friends, it’s an instalment that breaks boundaries and thinks forward.

This time the two boys take control under their own moniker ‘The Mansisters’ and take off with a very special four tracker that is hard to label in sound.

Starting off with Amigo, the EP has a powerful beginning with a dancefloor monster that sees itself dealing with a heavily compressed e-guitar that is quite unusual in such context but fits perfectly to the arpeggiated bass line and to the drops that are simply massive.

Belly slows down a bit and impresses with smart percussive experiments and harmonic travels. It sometimes shifts out of key but therefore is incredibly interesting.  

Queens Of The Night surprises with a trancy rave synth that you would expect somewhere in the high tides of nineties techno. But it’s underlined with versatile drum elements and percussion workouts that push the track right into the future of indie electronica.

The Paulor Remix of Amigo then closes with a smooth dub treatment that is sparked by guitar cuts from the original and trippy synth stabs.

Don't miss the nicely crazy music video for 'Amigo', you can watch it on our YouTube channel here.