Out now: 'Morgensol' - Blaue Blume

Morning sun is here: Blaue Blume's new single 'Morgensol' (Danish for "morning sun") is out now! Being released in digital form only, 'Morgensol' comes with a mesmerizing graphic video illustrating what the song is about: inner darkness and outer (sun)light. Showing the relation of these two matters as a kind of ethereal dance in the human mind. Symbolizing individual fear and anxiety we all have inside of us meeting the eternal brightness that is coming from the sky.

 Watch the video here

With 'Morgensol' the Copenhagen based trio now present their first ever song in Danish. “The words came so easy and it felt so natural, that I didn’t want to mess with that”, singer Jonas Holst Schmidt says.

The song creates a beautiful spheric atmosphere, illuminating mind and soul. Take a listen and get enchanted!