out now: Lovable by Blaue Blume


Out now: 'Lovable'

Following on from ‘Morgensol’ Danish alternative art pop band Blaue Blume are out now with the second single from their upcoming album: ‘Lovable’.

The band luxuriate in melodies and harmonies that soar and sweep - the vocals of Jonas Holst Schmidt are melancholic yet rich in emotion and longing. Emphasizing on the differences in how we perceive ourselves against those around us.

His voice is haunting and affecting, especially when coupled with the delicate arpeggiated electronics. When the drums finally hit, the song is carried along on tides of processed vocals and pads to its beautiful conclusion.

The music video for Lovable has once more been created by audio visual artist Maya SB and premiered around the world on release day via Rockerilla, Mondo Sonoro, PopMatters, bedroomdisco and AvazAvaz. Watch the video here.

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Photo credit: Neal McQueen