Trentemøller Copenhagen (shot by Neal Mc Queen)


Out now: Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02 - Copenhagen by Trentemøller

We are very delighted to officially announce the release of the second edition of the Harbour Boat Trips - Copenhagen by Trentemøller!

In 2009, Trentemøller invited his listeners to a first moody and atmospheric Harbour Boat Trips - Copenhagen, a compilation mix of his favourite music, both Danish and international, from across four decades, loosely inspired by the motion and movement of Copenhagen’s busy harbour. 

Today and almost a decade ago, Trentemøller offers up another gorgeous compilation of sixteen songs ranging from indie, dreamy shoegaze to obscure 60’s pop and electronica, featuring a unique palette of different artists such as Black Marble, How Do I, Kira Skov, Moon Duo, Pyrit, Slowdive, Tropic Of Cancer, A Place To Bury Strangers as well as a new Trentemøller cover of Neil Young’s Transformer Man  and many more talented artists for a very personal mix of pure bliss, noise and haunting melodies!

Available now on vinyl, CD and digital formats.