One year of hfn music

Do you want to lose yourself into one lit compilation? Then you are in the right place. Another year of beautiful releases already comes to an end, and full of others are still to be filled and joined by amazing artists! For now, check our Best of 2018 gathering our artists as well as some of our sublabels hafendisko and In My Room. This year was complete with blissful creations and powerful tracks, EP and albums which are worth noting and gathering into one place!

From Lydmor, the new Danish Electro-Pop discovery to Trentemøller, renowned artist who recently crafted a cover of Neil Young together with Marie Fisker, this year never got to be silent. The best of hfn music 2018 comprises as well the melancholic and intense voice of Null + VoidTrentemøller2ND BLOODFrancis Harrisrussian.girlsMANOIDBlack Light SmoketicktockLydmor, Jacob Bellens and more.