Blaue Blume Bell of Wool


New Blaue Blume album out now!

Big news! The new album "Bell of Wool" by Danish electronic art-pop band Blaue Blume is out now! 

Blaue Blume have become known for highly emotional songs such as their last EP „Sobs“ and playing sold out concerts as well as festivals all over Europe, (e.g. The Great Escape, Reeperbahn Festival) - until 2017, when singer Jonas got sick with depression and the band had to stop playing altogether. Now they’re back with youthful spirit and ready to tell their story and this is exactly what the band is doing on the new album.

"Bell of Wool" is dominated by two themes: darkness and adventure. “A lot of the lyrics kind of draw these states of mind and situations that I actually found myself in, just months after I had written them”, singer Jonas Smith says. Darkness they felt trapped in and adventure, when they climbed out of darkness and making music felt exciting again. Sonically, their new album is crafted from soft, glowing synthscapes, dawns and skies transformed into sounds. Even on hints of their older work, like on the acoustics of “Rain Rain”, the synthwork comes into the picture and swells the song into something bigger and more majestic. Opener “Swimmer” introduces the listener to the softness and subtlety of the new sound, whereas songs like “Morgensol” and “Bombard” show it at its biggest and more grand. The focus track "Someday" sets a hopeful mood for the whole record.

Out now! Released digitally and on beautiful vinyl.