Jacob Bellens by Martin Bubandt


Jacob Bellens live dates + new single!

Jacob Bellens is going on tour! In April 2020, the Danish singer-songwriter will be playing three concerts in the biggest cities of Denmark - Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense. If you've been to a Jacob Bellens concert before - his latest tour 2018 - you know what makes it so special: The intimate atmosphere, family-like vibes and overall just a very touching and cozy show. Tickets are available from now on via this link: https://gig.to/jacobbellens.

Jacob Bellens live dates + new single! photo by Neal McQueen

But the good news don't end there: You can also look forward to new music coming up by Jacob Bellens! After going a bit more experimental with his latest releases "Love Is Robotic" and "Swim Lesson", Bellens upcoming single will musically be picking up where his debut album "The Daisy Age" left off. 2020 is going to be exciting, stay tuned!

Banner photo by Martin Bubandt, tour poster photo by Neal McQueen