Behind the scenes of Frum's "Ocean" video

Just in time for spring, the Faroese artist Frum released her first single 'Ocean' on hfn music. Fronted by Jenný Augustdóttir, Frum creates a breezy, light atmosphere even though the subject of the song is a rather serious one. In 'Ocean' Jenný talks to her grandmother, "I can still look up to the sky and see you there/ I can still look into the ocean feel you’re near". The heartfelt memories of the pure relationship between the two through the grandchild’s eyes somehow don’t stop the song from making your toes jam. 

The video premiered on May 3rd 2019 exclusively at Berlin based indie magazine Nothing But Hope And Passion

Shot on the Faroe islands, and directed by Barbara Lervig, the video is a refreshing mix of windy imagery of faroese landscape, Jenný and her girlfriends dancing in front of a truck at the muddy beach and experimental, flowy outfits. You see the blonde, long-haired singer walking up and down stairs in a cozy looking hallway, sitting majestically in a chair surrounded by house plants or laying in bed, lip-synching to the lyrics of the song. The title shot shows Jenný of Frum standing on a balcony in a beautiful lilac dressing gown. 

The iconic, loose-fitting outfits featured in this video are made by Hamburg based fashion designer Mel Redmer, whose shop Frum coincidentally stumbled into when she was in Hamburg for last year’s Reeperbahnfestival. Frum was instantly fell in love with Mel Redmer’s designs and from then on, they started collaborating. 

Watch the video here and get dragged into this little Faroese dream.

Here we provide you with exclusive behind the scenes shots from the making of the 'Ocean' music video.