Out now: Argia 'Stay The Night'

'Stay The Night' - Argia's first EP on hafendisko is out now!

The Stay The Night EP was conceived and recorded at the end of 2018, during an intense creative period for the artist. Fully inhabiting her sound, the tracks concern themselves with the themes of balance and inner peace.

‘It’s Right To Cry’ is a deep, emotional slice of electronic dance music, wiry arpeggios wind their way around the thick, infectious beat.

The title track ‘Stay The Night’ is a shade tougher, with a dramatic chord progressions and evocative eld recordings punctuating the driving rhythm.

The third track ‘Unreleased Thought’, makes up the trio - urgent percussive grooves lay the foundation for beautiful melodic ourishes courtesy of Argia’s well used Korg Monologue.