Various Artists / Blue Lagoon Soundtrack 3 by Margeir

CD1 | 1 Ásgeir: Heimförin
produced by Gudmundur Kristinn Jonsson

CD1 | 2 Holger Zilske feat. August Landelius: To Them To Me
produced by Holger Zilske and August Landelius | vocals by August Landelius

CD1 | 3 Hljómar: Ástarsæla
produced by Gunnar Þórðarson & Þorsteinn Eggertsson

CD1 | 4 Mikael Simpson: Slaar Skaar
produced by Mikael Simpson

CD1 | 5 Recondite: Tie In
produced by Recondite

CD1 | 6 Tuxedomoon: In A Manner Of Speaking
produced by Tuxedomon

CD1 | 7 Bob Moses: Far From The Tree
produced by Bob Moses & Jordan Lieb

CD1 | 8 Kasper Bjørke: Heaven (Beatless Version)
produced by Kasper Bjørke | vocals performed by Louise Foo

CD1 | 9 Sísý Ey: Ain’t Got Nobody (Tonik Remix)
produced by Friðfinnur Sigurðsson | remixed by Tonik

CD1 | 10 Essáy: Morning Mountain
produced by Essáy

CD1 | 11 New Look: Nap On The Bow
produced by Sarha Ruba & Adam Pavao

CD1 | 12 Ry & Frank WIedemann: Howling
produced by Ry Cumming & Frank Wiedemann

CD1 | 13 Gusgus - Hateful (Ada feat. Mayburg Remix)
produced by Birgir Thorarinsson & Stephan Stephensen | remixed by Mayburg

CD1 | 14 When Saints Go Machine: Fall Forever
produced by When Saints Go Machine

CD1 | 15 Koreless - Lost In Tokyo
produced by Koreless

CD2 | 1 Luomo: Tessio
produced by Sasu Ripatti

CD2 | 2 Matthew Herbert: It's Only (DJ Koze Remix)
produced by Matthew Herbert | remixed by DJ Koze

CD2 | 3 Tin Man: Nonneo (Donato Dozzy Remix)
produced by Johannes Auvinen | remixed by Donato DOzzy

CD2 | 4 Exos: Orangeblue
produced by Arnvidur Snorrason

CD2 | 5 Thor: Yellow Sky Over Reykjavik (Baikal Remix)
produced by Thor

CD2 | 6 Gluteus Maximus: Everlasting feat. Högni Egilsson (Edit)
produced by Gluteus Maximus

CD2 | 7 STL: Silent State
produced by Stephan Laubner

CD2 | 8 Ten Walls: Gotham
produced by Ten Walls

CD2 | 9 Lake People: Into
produced by Lake People

CD2 | 10 Johannes Brecht: You
produced by Johannes Brecht

CD2 | 11 Raz Ohara: True Love Will Find You In The End
produced by Raz Ohara

CD2 | 12 DJ Koze: La Duquesa
produced by DJ Koze

CD2 | 13 Kiasmos: Looped
produced by Ólafur Arnalds & Janus Rasmussen

CD2 | 14 Mooryc: Simply
produced by Zimmermann, Maurycy


This third installment of DJ Margeir Ingólfsson’s acclaimed Blue Lagoon Soundtrack continues the tradition of capturing the relaxing and otherworldly atmosphere of the Blue Lagoon in a flawless mix of eclectic electronic gems. Known both at home and abroad as Iceland’s premier DJ, Margeir strikes a unique tone with tracks ranging from 1960s Icelandic classics through to brand new and exclusive unreleased material. Disc 1 is mixed by Margeir and Disc 2 by his alter ego outfit with GusGus’s President Bongo, Gluteus Maximus. Soulful, fluid, vital, and powered by an electronic heartbeat, this collection mimics the Blue Lagoon’s unique combination of the restorative power of nature and the manmade technology that harnesses it. 

DJ Margeir is the Golden Calf making sacrifices on the sonic altar for the lost hordes. His infamy is forged from ironclad production, blistering DJ sets and a twisted sense of humour that keeps his disciples coming back religiously. Margeir is one half of Gluteus Maximus and a founding father of Radio Bongo, from the mighty Kompakt stable. As a club DJ, Margeir has circled the globe laying down the gospel since the early ‘90s. DJ Margeir and his Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Samuel Samuelsson and featuring members of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, takes audiences on an aural adventure they’re not likely to forget. Margeir’s Blue Lagoon baptisms are legendary, his water-borne party sets ferrying crowds to an otherworldly land of musical plenty. The first of his acclaimed Blue Lagoon Soundtracks went gold. The highly anticipated third chapter will be released in May 2014. Testify.

Gluteus Maximus is Iceland’s President Bongo and DJ Margeir. Masterminds of the Reykjavik-based events company Jón Jónsson, these dysfunctional digital artists have jockeyed their discs everywhere from Pacha to The End, armed with a combined remix list verging on the offensive - Björk, Trentemøller, Sigur Rós, Captain Comatose, Prins Póló and Kasper Bjørke to name but a few. Their original hit single “Everlasting”, featuring the magnificent vocals of Högni Egilsson, heralded the birth of their own label, Radio Bongo. The Guardian calls them an “unexpected treat,” Resident Advisor notes they have “several thousand Icelanders eating out of the palm of their hands,” and The Quietus calls them “lunatics,” albeit ones who drive the crowd “potty” and send them “off down into the spiral.” Both at home and abroad Margeir and The President are a supernatural institution. They’re an arsenal of rotating musical mass with a live freak show that shouldn’t be missed.








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Various Artists Blue Lagoon Soundtrack 3 by Margeir