MANOID To Grieve

01 | To Grieve
produced/composed by MANOID

02 | To Grieve (Sid le Rock's Grievance Remix)
poroduced/composed by MANOID, remixed by Sid le Rock

03 | To Grieve (Pysh Remix)
produced/composed by MANOID, remixed by Pysh

MANOID is a new signing to hafendisko presenting his new single ‘To Grieve’.

Stating his origins as from one of the last primeval forests in Europe, the highly talented producer is currently based in Warsaw, Poland.

MANOID makes emotionally charged electronica and techno - deeply affecting soundscapes built using a variety of approaches and instruments. While he is working towards his debut album MANOID is also very active with his live set.

To Grieve’ is the perfect window into MANOID’s musical universe - the title track weaves arpeggiated synths and melodies with a haunting and melancholic atmosphere - the results are pure forest techno.

The Sid Le Rock Grievance mix straightens things out a little to create a bubbling, tense track, proving there is still truth in the ‘less is more’ adage.

The Pysh mix is also primed for the dancefloor - staying loyal to the original’s feel yet opening up the groove for the dancers.

The title track is accompanied by a music video directed by Pat Dudek that tells the story of
a female character who suffers from trauma experienced in a relationship.

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To Grieve