Trentemøller, Kasper Bjørke & Darkness Falls featured in 'National Gallery of Denmark'

Under the title 'Music Made By Art' the 'National Gallery of Denmark' invited a number of danish musicians to compose a piece of music or write a song inspired by a piece of art from the museum. Amongst others three hfn music / in my room artists - Trentemøller, Kasper Bjørke and Darkness Falls - contributed their works for the project. The background of the project for the museum is to explore what happens when young danish musicians interpret classic danish artwork and to have the museum's collection in a dialogue with other art forms.

Snippets of the songs are available on the Gallery's website. The full songs can be heard when you are in the museum in front of the paintings. Darkness Falls take on Caspar David Friedrich and Kasper Bjørke's song inspired by Valdemar S. Møller are available now. Trentemøller will follow at the end of November