DANISH DYNAMITE! Reptile Youth are now touring through Germany and they are on fire. Safe bet: once you have experienced a live gig of Reptile youth, you never wanna go back! Purely addictive side-effects that will make you sweat, scream, dance and do really really weird things - which you gonna love. Read some excellent feedback, if you need a little bit of proof.

Besides all the energy and unpredictability, Reptile Youth´s live show is outstanding due to their refined tune at the same time. The sound is cristal clearly mixed and Mads Damsgaard´s voice is always wonderful. (Curt Magazine, about Reptile Youth Nürnberg show, November 15th)

The audience were dancing from the first minute on - this music just makes you wanna dance. The band receives their musical inspiration from electronical beats in the 90ies and DIY-Punkrock to sing-along. You could call the result Organic Electropunk - truly inspring! (Rockblogg, about Reptile Youth Offenbach show, November 17th)

If Reptile Youth singer Mads isn’t just bathing in the audience crowd, he’s probably climbing up the stage pillars like a maniac und taking off his shirt halfway through the set. And the music ? - is pretty well corresponding to this sweaty, sexy monster. (Intro)

This band is surrounded by an eclectic aura,  creating a pushing "anything can happen" atmosphere.  This exact vibe is also heart and soul of the debut album - rock´n´roll that moves and touches - just to give you a strong slap in the face in the next moment. (Radio Fritz)

Reptile Youth are well-known for their wild concerts!  The amorous stage adventures of  the vocalist could fill entire volumes! (Greatest)

It's the Danish Electro-Rock-outfit Reptile Youth that is able to make the most demure audience go bonkers. (FM4)

Through their incredible live performance, Reptile Youth have already reached international fame. (Ink Music)


Pictures of last gig in Mannheim (November, 21st)

...What are u waiting for?! 

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All show dates:

22.11.2012 :: Germany : Münster : Gleis 22
23.11.2012 :: Germany : Berlin : Magnet Club
24.11.2012 :: Germany : Leipzig : Audio Invasion
26.11.2012 :: Germany : Dresden : Beatpol
27.11.2012 :: Czech Republic : Prague : Klub 007
28.11.2012 :: Austria : Vienna : Chelsea
29.11.2012 :: Italy : Firenze:  Tender Club
30.11.2012 :: France : Mulhouse: Le Noumatrouff
01.12.2012 :: France : Besancon : La Rodia
03.12.2012 :: Switzerland : Zürich : Kaufleuten
05.12.2012 :: Luxembourg : Luxembourg : Soul Kitchen
06.12.2012 :: France : Paris : Flech d’Or
07.12.2012 :: Belgium : Brussels : Moustache
08.12.2012 :: Belgium : Charleroi : Eden
09.12.2012 :: Netherlands : Den Haag : Paard Van Troje
10.12.2012 :: Netherlands : Amsterdam : Paradiso
12.12.2012 :: Germany : Hamburg: Uebel & Gefährlich
18.12.2012 :: Norway : Oslo : Bla
19.12.2012 :: Sweden : Stockholm : Lilla Hotelbaren