The long awaited debut album of Null + Void is out now

After stirring a buzz with the third single Where I Wait featuring Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode, Cryosleep, the debut album by Null + Void is finally released today.

Alongside Dave Gahan the album sees him teaming up with a range of outstanding artists like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Shannon Funshess and The Big Pink. The instrumental songs of the album are equally strong like on the uptempo, synth-driven 'Asphalt Kiss' or 'Into the Void', which is clearly more on the melancholic side.

Up until now the New York-based producer Null + Void (aka Kurt Uenala) has been working mostly behind the scenes. A bunch of incredible songs and sounds by artists Moby, The Kills or Depeche Mode are due to him. With Cryosleep he went a step ahead, realized his own music and draws a unique sound, centered around his love for analogue synths and dark old-school vibes.

The title Cryosleep perfectly accentuates what Null + Void expresses throughout his first record. “It’s about the desire to keep loved ones alive beyond their lifespan,” he explains, alluding to the personal life experiences that color this music. “And if you tapped into that frozen person and scanned their last thoughts, their final farewell, this is what might come out.” To experience Cryosleep is to enter the many worlds of the subconscious, vibrant realms of hidden shadows, lost memories, and the mesmerizing unknown.