Reptile Youth went on fire through Germany

Purely addictive side-effects that a Reptile Youth live gig causes: sweating, screaming, dancing. We´re a bit worried that Germany got infected with this heavy disease after the Danish guys have recently finished their "Shooting Up Sunshine 2012" tour through Germany. Started with an explosive kick-off in Nuremberg, also Munich, Offenbach, Stuttgart, Cologne, Mannheim, Münster, Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden got their own little sweet Reptile treat.

Review from Berlin, Cologne and Offenbach.
Pictures from Mannheim and Cologne
More to follow...

You´ve missed them? Don´t worry, they will be back for you - in Hamburg playing @ Uebel & Gefährlich, December 12th. Reptile Youth are excited as well, their shout out to Hamburg - here!