Reptile Youth Video Project.

A stunning debut album released about a year ago, followed by an extensive tour schedule and numerous radio singles, a massive remix album rounding things off from May 2013 onwards, unveiling more, and mostly electronic, variations of the Reptile Youth trademark sound. But still this is not the end of the story as Reptile Youth can’t stand keeping all this for themselves.

Mads and Esben are starving for reflections of their own world and so they’ve been curious to see what impact their music left on other creatives. This attitude in mind they’ve been curating what has been filed under the name of The Reptile Youth Video Project within the last months and asked different video directors to shoot videos for every song from their highly acclaimed debut album. After almost one year in the making we are proud to present The Reptile Youth Video via the freshly updated microsite of Reptile Youth.