Reptile Youth special tour diary with pics by Peter Kaaden!

Slowly but surely it´s dawning on us that Reptile Youth will continue being busy touring around the globe, hitting fantastic festivals and destroying each and every stage they will find under their Speeddance feet.  You must be curious to hear what´s going on backstage and behind the scenes, right? Well lucky you - a special love liaision between Reptile Youth and young german photographer and video artist Peter Kaaden makes this possible: Kaaden shot some very special pictures of Reptile Youth being on tour through Europe. The result? A very special tour diary that got exclusively featured via Noisey - HERE you will also find comments by the photographer himself!  Peter Kaaden might be a familiar name to you, as he is responsible for the wonderful NSFW music clip for "It´s Easy To Lose Yourself" that got banned from YouTube.

Let´s also have a lill tour update! Performing @ Fete de la Musique in Luxembourg this Friday, June 21st, Reptile Youth will playing next in Germany @ E Werk in Erlangen on June 28 and the Open Source Festival in Dusseldorf the following day. And it goes further, the Danish guys take us on a journey through Denmark, Spain, Austria, Finland, Norway and Switzerland, where they will play the Gurten Festival in Berne on July 20th and Paleo Festival in Nyon on July 23rd. Finally we are very happy to welcome them back at the Dockville Festival on August 16th in the hometown of hfn music - Hamburg! The future looks very bright with Reptile Youth!





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