Reptile Youth brings you their next superb music video: 'A Flash In The Forest'

Yes, Reptile Youth did it again: They are bringing you yet another superb music video for one of their key songs from their self titled debut album: 'A Flash In The Forest' - directed, filmed and edited by Diana Kunst. The video is the newest episode in the very ambitious ongoing video project:

Each of their 10 songs on "Reptile Youth" will have its one music video! In contrast to “Be My Yoko Ono”, which premiered in December 2012, the new video reflects yet another approach to interpret a Reptile Youth song. While the song deals with anger, frustration, uprise and rebellion, the video transforms the song’s vibe into a sensitive portrait of a young man in a crisis.

Madrid/London based photography- and video- artist Diana Kunst invited upcoming star-model Cosmo MacDonald for this impressive piece.
The fantastic clip got freshly videopremiered on Purple and Nothing But Hope And Passion