Press quotes on 'Seven Dreams Of Fire'

Here it is: the fantastic album by Lydmor & Bon Homme, now available in quality record stores, digital shops and streaming services around the globe!

"That screams for more!"

"We're infatuated!"
The Ransom Note

"Highly addictive!"

"Lydmor & Bon Homme have been really good at the NDR Blue Backstage. They have been sensational"

"The debut album from Jenny Rossander and Tomas Hoffding, better known as Lydmor & Bon Homme, isn’t the kind of thing that hits you over the head. Instead, it quietly creeps up on you with its mix of synth-pop structures, house beats, and disco influences. The tunes are subtle, sensual, and moody, creating a dark but danceable feel that’s as effective for kicking back and focusing on the sonic details as it is for getting a groove on."
Big Shot - „must buy albums in November“

"Laid back house beats and disco vibes lay the groundwork for this modestly mesmerizing debut single from Lydmor & Bon Homme. Although their respective get-ups leave you half-expecting to see Bon Homme wow the audience by sawing Lydmor in half at the end of the song, this track is a proper contender for the title of fall hit of the year.  As for the sound, rising star singer/songwriter Jenny Rossander a.k.a. Lydmor is unhinged and airy with her vocals, while Bon Homme stays gruff and super duper focused on his dance moves. The synths are dark and heavy, but to an upbeat rythym, making this a perfect storm of opposites."

"The first single of the album is called “Things We Do for Love” and I am sure once you hear it you will have an instant crush on it – so did I – playing on repeat and dancing along with a smile on your face. The song is a mixture of 80′s electropop, disco and contemporary club music, it’s another great example showing that these two really are a match if it comes to creating something unique. In the video for “Things We Do for Love” we can see Bon Homme and Lydmor showing their magical dance moves."
Good Because Danish

"A familiar grooving melancholia."
Nothing But Hope And Passion

"Mostly successful artist meeting in electro pop land."

"The cool macho and the fragile woman create the perfect bittersweat Pop for autumn days"

"Woah, this is amazing!"
Pete Tong

“I’ve got a gun in my hand / And it keeps killing me, man,” trills Danish singer Lydmor on “Trampoline,” drowning out a bass line that bows low enough to scrape the ground before sproinging back up like the titular platform. It’s all very Bonnie and Clyde, really: Her charmingly macabre lyrics speak to the tension she cultivates with band mate Tomas Høffding, a.k.a. Bon Homme, on their debut LP, Seven Dreams of Fire (arrives November 6 via hfn music) — a push-pull that’s also reflected in the song’s bouncing percussion and surging background strings. Though Lydmor, a.k.a. Jenny Rossander, dominates the song’s vocals, Bon Homme creeps in towards the end with elegantly guttural echoes of her exhalations. Listen to the ambiguously sexy romp here and be sure to pre-order Lydmor & Bon Homme’s Seven Dreams of Fire."

"It feels like your eardrums are pumping dream-drunk endorphins straight into your central nervous system. FTW and screw brunch! We’re going on full sprint in this utopian soundzone of jaunty chillfloods, disco poise, robotic echoes, and synth pulses that symbiotically subsist on each other to anchor the silkily shrilling words of Lydmor and unobtrusively dense backups of Bon Homme."

"A really good 1st step where each member of the duo is offering his talent from one to another. Genuine combination of male and female voices, quite accessible and enjoyable for all audiences."
DJ Mag Spain

"Combining their powers like the Wonder Twins they have elevated the pop game with a touch of darkness, a smidgen of sass, and a whole lot of sex appeal."
Nordic Spotlight