OUT NOW: Tiger Fingers - Tiger Fingers (Special Edition)

OUT NOW! Hot on the heels of the widely adored ‘Little Drummer Girl’ EP, another killer dose of Tiger Fingers is here.

Tiger Fingers are Jordan Lieb and Asako Fujimoto, a collaboration that started as an offshoot of their previous incarnation - the aggressive electro-rock band Dead Radar. Tiger Fingers was an outlet for their more dancefloor-friendly, pop inspired side to their sound – and yielded a set of six tracks that remained unreleased – until now. Having amicably split to focus on other projects this could be the only Tiger Fingers we’ll be hearing – which could be a tragedy for fans of exciting, funky, inventive pop music.

The six distinct tracks each contain more ideas than most long players. Packed full of joyful hooks, slick beats and bubbling synths, this release is sure to delight dancefloors and the airwaves equally. The interplay of call and response vocals between Asako and Jordan are clearly the work of a duo that knows how to get the best from each other. You will also be glad to hear that you will find the stunning remixes of "Little Drummer Girl" by Jimmy Edgar and Nightplane on this special edition release as well.