New York calling for Reptile Youth!

New York, New York - oh yes everybody wants to be part of it. Pretty excited to announce that our "Danish sexiest band alive"  Reptile Youth will make their way to New York this week, ready to capture America's heart and to tear down every existing stage in New York.

As part of the annually  festival CMJ 2012 Music Marathon, Reptile Youth will give four performances, starting with one gig at Alphabet Lounge, October 17th , followed by shows @ Spike Hall, Webster Studio and finally @ Drom - Nicky Digital Showcase on October 20th!

Spin Magazine recently rated Reptile Youth on #18 among 25 must-see acts at CMJ 2012, mentioning that our Danish guys "are actually relocated souls of a thousand long-lost Brooklyn post-bunk bands…"  WORD!

Wednesday, October 17th: CMJ 2012, Alphabet Lounge, New York (starts from 10 pm)
Saturday, October 20th: CMJ 2012, Spike Hill - A Heart And A Spade Showcase, New York (starts from 2.15 pm)
Saturday, October 20th: CMJ 2012: Webster Studio, New York (starts from 9.15 pm)
Saturday, October 20th: CMJ 2012: Drom - Nicky Digital Showcase, New York (show time tba)