Blaue Blume's Macabre


New lyric video of Blaue Blume's Macabre

Not long ago, the Danish band Blaue Blume released their single 'Macabre'. Now, the band announced that there is soon a lot more to expect:

"Hello everyone. We'll be releasing an EP this fall whilst working on our next album, and in support of this we're going on a tour around Denmark and Germany. We're looking forward to preview songs from both releases alongside older stuff."

This new lyric video of 'Macabre' might help a little to wait until autumn...


16.11.17 Denmark,  Odense, Posten
17.11.17 Denmark, Vejle, Bygningen
18.11.17 Denmark, Aalborg, Studenterhuset
23.11.17 Denmark, Sønderborg, Sønderborghus
24.11.17 Germany, Hamburg, Prinzenbar
25.11.17 Germany, Berlin, Berghain Kantine
01.12.17 Denmark, Kolding, Godset
02.12.17 Denmark, Herning, Fermaten
08.12.17 Denmark, Bornholm, Musikhuset
09.12.17 Denmark, Rosklide, Gimle