Long awaited, finally there - Reptile Youth debut album "Reptile Youth" OUT NOW!

Thanks god it's MONDAY. It's been a long way and today we are more than glad to finally announce the official worldwide release date of Reptile Youth's debut album "Reptile Youth" on hfn music.

With their eclectic live shows, the Danish artists Mads Damsgaard Kristansen and Esben Valløe have already proved not to disappoint. Intensively touring through Asia and Europe and building up an evangelical fan base, the Electro punks made one thing clear: rock'n roll is not dead -Reptile Youth - here comes the saviors. Pretty obvious, that it's now time for the release of their first album, isn't it?!

Produced in London with star producers Dave M. Allen (The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Human League) and Mary Ralph (Filthy Dukes, Hot Chip) this is a collection of tracks to reset the musical dial - FIRE!

Selected press quotes:

It’s an LP to get excited about as it is sure to possess the electro-punk-pop goodness that the boys have exhibited through their previous singles such as ‘Speeddance’ and ‘Black Swan Born White’ that were released this year through their label hfn music.(Purple Sneakers)

Reptile Youth from Denmark could become the new indie underground sensation.” (I Muzzik Mag)

Having toured half the world before their first release, Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen and Esben Valløe aka Reptile Youth, are the Danish „post-pop“ phenomena whose dark music evokes the anger their name youthfully projects(Dazed And Confused)

The album captures exactly that same madness and dynamics that the band master on stage and that was exactly what we were aiming all along(Kasper Bjørke)

Reptile Youth are incredible and inconceivably wild. Synthetic Popmusic, impulsive beats combined with an enormous force behind the songs form a unique live experience." (

"Christ man they’re the most rock and roll band here, and they don’t even have guitars." (

"Grandiose post-punk pop. Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen’s vocals soar above the funk-driven robo-rhythm, while an instantly addictive melody references their new wave roots" (In Sound, USA)

"Get the glitter ready because there’s a self titled album coming." (Supa Jam)

…2012 will see Reptile Youth's hotly anticipated debut album released tot he world. Capturing the raucous kinetics of their live shows, the LP is set to stun.“ (The Electric Circus)


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