Kasper Bjørke to play "Unten Am Havn" Festival in Hamburg

Copenhagen meets Hamburg, Hamburg meets Copenhagen – right at the place where Germans and Danes met in the past: in Altona, down at the harbour. From 27th August until 6th September music, culture, art and contemporaries from both cities will meet at the former Englandfährterminal building right on the River Elbe. Artists are going to perform, install and play side by side: from synth pop to rock, from electro to classic pop, from small-scale projections to expansive installations.  When Copenhagen meets Hamburg and vice versa...well safe bet, who cannot be missed here: Danish and Copenhagen-based producer and DJ Kasper Bjørke who will play on Friday, August 30th starting from 19h30.

More info + ticketing HERE.

30.08.2013 : : Germany : Hamburg : Unten Am Havn Festival