Kasper Bjørke Feature on Slices DVD – The Electronic Music Magazine

The 11 minute feature of Kasper Bjørke on electronic music magazine DVD Slices introduces the Copenhagen based artist, his latest album release Standing On Top Of Utopia and his new hair cut. „Music is in my head 24 hours a day“ - Kasper provides insights into his very own process of creating music, the intentions behind and the interpretation of his album and its title. Being inspired by very different kinds of music, he points out the difference between him as a producer and a DJ. Extracts of the music videos to his singles Young Again and Heaven underline the visual emphasis Kasper develops around his music. Get a free copy and have a look! Slices is a DVD magazine introducing artists and labels of the electronic music scene. The current DVD is available hereand in selected record shops worldwide. More infos On Slices Magazine.