Jacob Bellens – ‘One Of A Kind’ out now


Jacob Bellens – ‘One Of A Kind’ out now

Danish Singer Songwriter Jacob Bellens has an undeniable talent for grooving beats and catchy melodies, accompanied by his smooth but striking vocals. Leading up to his new album ‘Trail Of Intuition’ he now puts out the second single – one of the calmer pieces of the longplayer.

'One Of A Kind’ is centred around his voice and as well as the sluggish piano melody, which creates the special atmosphere of the song.

Jacob Bellens wrote 'One Of A Kind’ before the release of his first solo album but never recorded it. Many years later he played it live at a concert when Kasper Bjørke happened to be in the audience. He urged Bellens to finally record the song. ‘But I thought it needed a different production so I did what I sometimes do and wrote a ‚sibling‘ song, an attempt to make a different version of the same song’, Bellens says.
That’s how ‘Untouchable’ came to life, which was released on the previous album 'Polyester Skin' and became a reputable underground hit. So 'One Of A Kind’ was basically the template for ‘Untouchable’ and indeed you can hear the relation between the two songs, both breathing a similar darkish but groovy atmosphere. The video for the song, directed by Rikke Benborg, was premiered via Nothing But Hope And Passion.

Floating high up above the city after we have gone to sleep
there's a riot where the angels live and die
where moments of truth are buried
words are not necessary
laughter and pain are married
and one of a kind