Introducing Human Woman - Get to know Sexy Lazer & Gisli Galdur!

Human Woman, icelandic superstars in training, crisis-ridden ex-millionaires are taking us on a journey into their magic world. Introducing the world to their work, their lives, their daily hustle, future plans and the wonderful world of the islands art scene, a place where creativity breeds all day, where people paint thoughtfully placed murals, create amazing art pieces by chance and other beautiful things. A place where pensioneers are friendly and open minded, where traffic signs exactly tell you what to do and, besides all that, you'll be able to catch some stage impressions and listen to pieces of their debut single "Delusional".

A whole lot of content and impressive footage, squeezed into less than 7 minutes of film. A wowing close-up documentary catching up on the first steps of a pair that's meant to make waves in the near future.

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