HOFFNUNGSTRÄGER! Jordan Lieb (Tiger Fingers) upcoming producer 2013 in German mag Groove!

What a pleasant surprise! Jordan Lieb aka Black Light Smoke and one half of Tiger Fingers got announced as one of the upcoming producers in 2013 - "HOFFNUNGSTRÄGER 2013" - in the December 2012 issue of German magazine Groove. CONGRATS, dear Jordan - and more than well-deserved!
The Brooklyn-based Jordan has established himself as producer and composer, winning a Daytime Emmy Award for this work in television and film. In the dance music world he is known as Black Light Smoke, his alias for the indie imprint Scissor & Thread and meanwhile the producer has emerged as one of the most exciting new voices in the North American electronic music scene.

Jordan Lieb recently returned on hafendisko with his project Tiger Fingers. Together with Asako Fujimoto, he freshly released their debut album "Tiger Fingers: Tiger Fingers" (Special Edition) with lead single "Little Drummer Girl" that received stunning wicked remixes by Jimmy Edgar and Night Plane.