GRAND FINAL: Reptile Youth´s `Fear´ music video + worldwide video premieres

FEAR NOT! Reptile Youth´s final take-off from their self-titled debut album - "Fear" - got freshly released on hfn music and we assume you already know what´s next: such a brilliant song needs to come with a brilliant music video. At the same time it´s also the final music video of Reptile Youth´s ambitious video project. The fantastic clip - directed by Icelandic duo Ellen Lofts & Thorbjörn Ingason - takes place at one of the most mesmerizing places on earth called Iceland and will enchant you with stunning visuals of the isle. The leads are Reptile Youth frontman Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen and Iceland’s new star model Kolfinna K, who’s career only spans a year, but who already walked for Versace, Prada, Fendi, Giles, Acne and Marc Jacobs amongst others.

We wanted to make it a "love story" in some way but to use powerful visuals to express emotion. The song is beautiful and dramatic - so is the Icelandic nature so we liked how those two complemented each other. - Ellen Lofts

I really like the way Ellen and Thorbjörn have interpreted the song. It's an epic video that lifts up the song just like that. Makes it big. Maybe more pure as well. The lyrics of the song are rooted in nature and the video obviously builds on that. Somehow it's a very clean interpretation of the song. Meant in the very best way. - Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen

We want to celebrate the Grand Final of "Fear" worldwide hence the video got freshly video premiered via i-D (UK), Nylon (US),  Putpat / INTRO (Germany), Vice Spain (Spain), Konbini (France), c-heads (Austria), Euroman (Denmark), Purple Sneakers (Australia), Marwin (Mexico)...