dock1: Faded Ranger

Having re-located to Germany from Chicago and London, Nick Maurer and Neville Attree find themselves at musical crossroads, neither sure which way to turn. By chance, they're booked to DJ together in Heidelberg and after a wild night, hanging out in the studio becomes the logical thing to do. The chemistry is potent - Maurer’s gift for bite-size storytelling, laced with innuendo and slow burning wit, make his vocal stylings the perfect foil for Attree’s intricate, melodic arrangements. Found-sound ambience, dusty samples and infectious hook lines flicker and brood, while the dynamic beats and rhythms ensure the tunes gravitate towards the dance floor without sacrificing their distinctive crossover appeal.

…and so it goes, Faded Ranger stumbles into existence – a meeting of minds, born out of circumstance and driven by a growing sense of destiny.

 >> You’ll find the new exclusive Faded Ranger track ‚Pretty Colours (Instrumental)‘ on the upcoming ‚dock1‘ album.

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