Blaue Blume


Blaue Blume return with their EP 'Sobs'

The Danish band Blaue Blume made their first appearance on hfn earlier this year and are now ready to share their upcoming EP Sobs. Drawing their inspiration from different artists like The Smiths, Roxy Music or Nina Simone, Blaue Blume created their very unique and varied sound, which mixes pop with electric synths and distincive vocals.Their detailed and emotive sound was also influenced by the thee story villa, formerly owned by a religious cult, where all four tracks of the EP including the favoured 'Macabre' have been recorded.

Within the scope of the upcoming release, the band will play several club shows in Denmark and Germany.

16.11.17 Denmark, Odense, Posten
17.11.17 Denmark, Vejle, Bygningen
18.11.17 Denmark, Aalborg, Studenterhuset
23.11.17 Denmark, Sønderborg, Sønderborghus
24.11.17 Germany, Hamburg, Prinzenbar
25.11.17 Germany, Berlin, Berghain Kantine
01.12.17 Denmark, Kolding, Godset
02.12.17 Denmark, Herning, Fermaten
08.12.17 Denmark, Bornholm, Musikhuset
09.12.17 Denmark, Rosklide, Gimle