Alive In Us - Press Quotes

We are proud to present this excerpt of very nice press quotes written on our recent Darkness Falls album ‘Alive In Us’. Please see what love and warmth we received from press outlets all over the world as follows…

International Press Quotes:

Imagine if Cat Power had two Danish sisters who grew up listening to Serge Gainsbourg and Joy Division, but still appreciated the psychedelic bliss of the 1960s and ‘hey presto’ you have Darkness Falls! (i-D)

A majestic and ethereal album of blissfully melancholic folk and atmospheric shoegaze. Perfect for Sunday morning listening. (Ransom Note)

Copenhagen duo Josephine Philip and Ina Lindgreen create soft melodic rock with heavy distortion and eerie chanting. (Dazed & Confused)

Powerful vocals climb a velvet-carpeted stairway into psychedelic explorations. (Altsounds)

Alive In Us, a melancholic, 60s-inspired journey through the impassioned, sensual — and occasionally dark — souls of Lindgren and her musical partner, Josephine Philip. The entire album has an organic, very classic feel. (Societe Perrier)

A lonely desert feel causing an emotional effect that makes even more uplifting, dancefloor-filling songs. (Magnetic)

Take comfort in the fact that bands in other continents, like Darkness Falls, make use of their environment and sense of soundscapes without applying it to cliched Euro genres such as post-rock, electro and trance. Sometimes the best American indie pop isn’t born in your backyard, but in a studio in Denmark. (Mxdwn)

Wonderful moments of modern song-writing. (Rephlektronic)

A beautiful mixture of charming pop and melancholy, this is feel good music for 2011 and beyond. (Megamind)

I’m about to fall in love with this. (It’s A Trap)

Darkness Falls is the type of hybrid act that will make Pitchfork freak. (Time Out Cicago)

An ode to musical generations past, present and future. (Nerdy Frames)

Darkness Falls’ debut album is recommended to fans of obscure pop with references to the rock sound of the 60s and early 70. (Beats And Beyond)

Feels like these types of emotional songs that tug on the heart have been missing from electronic music lately… this is filling a void for sure! (Data Transmission)

Ever-changing and developing, epic future-rock meets achingly majestic shoegaze. (I House U)

The combination of Trentemøller‘s listening production and the unique heartfelt sounds are sure to uplift and inspire. (4Clubbers)

Not afraid to mix genres and themes in a diverse and bold new sound! (Dreams Of Enyo)

Their debut album is an elegant and evocative case, alternating seamlessly between regular songwriting and more cinematic touches. Twange guitars, synth, tambourines and bright vocals creates the cool twilight sound universe thatone moment fit a hip gallery opening for the next sound like the soundtrack to a Morricone-western. (Berlingske Tidende)

Atmospheric, strong voice, deep! (The Gap)

German Press Quotes:

Something that will stay in your mind. No question. (Intro)

Yes – the perfect autumn soundtrack. (Titel Magazin)

In songs that are reminiscent of Esben & The Witch, but also to Mazzy Star, the voice of Josephine Philip is just as important as the floating, psychedelic sound. Catchy songs ranging from rock and pop. (Rolling Stone)

With this album we begin to see a shift towards smoother and not so obtrusive darker pop music. Electronic-pop magic. (Unclesallys’)

Haunting and simply terrific. (Zillo)

A beautiful pop album with a lot of potential. (De:Bug)

The audience will be thrilled by Josephine Phillips warm, melancholic voice. Darkness Falls is a perfect introduction for the evening. A fascinating album for the darker days of the year. (Musikexpress)

“Alive In Us” presents famous, reduced, engaging pop music offering great things for little words: “It’s a sickening of the heart when you love some and then they’re gone” – so simple, so sad, so beautiful. (Tonspion)

One of the new hopes in serious pop from Denmark. (HHV Magazin)

Another delicious music discovery from Copenhagen. (Schwulissimo)

Many many people will surely like “Alive In Us” no matter whether one is into electronics, indie or pop – a serious find. (Ultimo)

“Alive In Us” is a particularly intense and melodic debut, in which Darkness Falls present their glistening dark side. Musically, the duo delivers here, no canned foods but first-class fillet! (

Whether alone or amongst company – drifting away on fluffy clouds is inevitable, and the debut album “Alive In Us,” a record that we strongly recommend not only for Mr. Tarantino. (Flux FM)

For the summery insouciance this album would be a little out of place, but for the autumn blues this record receives a warm embrace. (Rote Raupe)

Sixties guitars, keyboards, heavy drums and the unavoidable vocals by Philips create a suction within it’s sparkling electronic fog. (Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung)

It’s like winter clothes – adorable in the cold and mothballed in the closet during summertime. A seasonal album. (Crazewire)

Dakness Falls – new Band for 2012! (

A bittersweet lady-pop Danish duo. (Piranha)

Post-pop attitude pimped with minimal electronics and Sixties Twang Guitars. (Radio Eins)