Sisters & Brothers - First Gathering is out now


A gathering of anti-convention: The first Sisters & Brothers compilation is out now

For the new Sisters & Brothers release, which is the 4th outing of the series, Kasper Bjørke and s/artists/sexy-lazer-oculus for the first time gathered some friends for an exciting compilation. The thread that unites the featured artists, who are based all over the world, is most fittingly described as 'disregard for convention'.

Love Business kick off the EP with a loose and disco tinged leftfield synth pop tracks, followed by the low slung dancefloor roller 'Nova' by Stuttgard based Leif Müller, premiered by Liquid Youth. The new York duo Whatever/Whatever chip in with their acidic banger 'U<3U'.
This fondness for off-kilter soundscapes is once more represented in Bryan Kessler's 'Too Young Too Be Old', which was premiered via Local Suicide.
Closing the EP with a bouncing track, cross-genre multi-instrumentalist Kraftgalli is pushing it to the max!

Oh, are you guys having a party??? This is a brilliant little comp!!! - Big sthlm hugz! - Axel Boman
Great package, thanks! - Chloé
Fantastic all the way around. Really like this package - great music! - Hector Romero