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Human Woman :: Love Games

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Human Woman :: Delusional

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Human Woman :: Album Cover Artwork

hfn17cd :: human woman :: out 28.05.2012

Forging a fantastic fusion of modern electronic pop, Human Woman are the new signing on Hamburg’s hfn records. Originally hailing from Iceland, the band consists of Gisli Galdur of prolific Icelandic band Trabant, and producer Jón Atli Helgason aka Sexy Lazer. Now after the launch of their debut single, ‘Delusional‘, with its sensual, indie-dance roots and pleasing 80s/90s undertones, we see the pair expand their vision of modern electronic pop with a feel-good, rich and edgy album spanning 12 glorious tracks.

From the esoteric ‘Intro‘ into the first true opening song ‘Einn Eftir‘, Human Woman make clear that their entertaining sound palette will consist of cleverly treated vocals, guitars and bass, synths, electronic drums and plenty of atmosphere! The complex compressed beats of ‘Delusional‘ drop early on, and it’s a real grower, carrying a superb modern sheen, yet gracefully nodding to 90s indie pop and 80s electronica, we go on to fi nd treats like the driving ‘White Knight‘, with its catchy refrains and sparse bassine-led groove, or the curiously titled ‘DDDI‘, which takes the listener further into bubbling, reduced electronics, sprinkled with melodic beauty and a pumping, raw swagger.

It’s clear that the duo‘s influences spread far and wide, but to fit them in with new acts like Kasper Bjørke and Trentemøller, or indeed classic names like Depeche Mode or even Unkle wouldn‘t be too wide off the mark. We are talking experienced musicians, with catchy, timeless lyrics and melodies, wrapped up into a topclass, radio friendly production.

The rough edges of ‘Great Woman‘ contrast nicely with the smoother housey vibes of ‘Love Games‘, which could be a strong contender for the club DJs out there, dropping into a spine tingling dub-timed middle before its sing-along finale.

As the album closes, and the full extent of Human Woman‘s talents and promise becomes apparent, we find more experimental moments like ‘Lazer & Magic‘, with its spaced out effects and retrospective, ambient house vibe, or the sci-fi futurism of ‘Sleepy‘, part dreamy synth pop, part epic shoegaze anthem. It’s really quite a shame that this end-opus actually comes to a halt, and will surely leave you grasping for more.

Human Woman is positive modern pop for the electronic-aware, inspiring listening for traveling, for friends, for lovers, for living!

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Great Human Woman Remixes artwork

hfn22 :: Human Woman :: Great Human Woman Remixes

Human Woman, Iceland’s white-hot electro-sleezepunk-groovers, drop another stunning release for our delectation on Hamburg’s hfn music.

This frankly quite exceptional remix-album contains 12 remixes of Human Woman tracks. All original versions of these tracks have been taken from the band’s much-lauded eponymous debut album.

‘Great Woman’ receives three previously unreleased and diverse mixes – firstly from the band themselves, made up of Jón Atli (Sexy Lazer) and Gísli (Galdur). Their 9-minute epic showcases the deeper, dancefloor influences of the band, stretching out the low-slung groove into an atmospheric late night trip into the netherworlds of house.

Fellow Icelanders Gluteus Maximus deliver a sleek techno track, stripping away the original completely. Perhaps the most experimental of the mixes is Truffle Shuffle’s ‘Papa Was A Trolling Stoner Dub‘ - a startling slice of scuzzed-out electro-rock.

Elsewhere, this release collects together five hot mixes of ‘Delusional’, the band’s well-received single from earlier this year – reworked by the all star line up of Kasper Bjørke, Vincenzo, Gus Gus, Zev and Human Woman’s very own Galdur.

‘Love Games’ is also well represented, with Captain Fufanu’s Dub Mix perfectly complemented by his magical and unreleased ‘Chill Out Mix’, alongside Bix’s deep and trippy take. Completing the epic package is the also unreleased Strung Fellows Remix of ‘It’s Gonna Hurt You’, a joyous housed-up burner with acidic tendencies.

Tracklisting :

  • 01. Love Games (Captain Fufanu Dub)
  • 02. Delusional (Kasper Bjørke Dub)
  • 03. Great Woman (Human Woman Remix)
  • 04. Delusional (Vincenzo Remix)
  • 05. Delusional (Gus Gus Instrumental Mix)
  • 06. Love Games (Bix Remix)
  • 07. Great Woman (Truffle Shuffle’s Papa Was A Trolling Stoner Dub)
  • 08. Love Games (Captain Fufanu Chill Out Mix)
  • 09. Delusional (Galdur Remix)
  • 10. It’s Gonna Hurt You (Strung Fellows Remix)
  • 11. Great Woman (Gluteus Maximus Remix)
  • 12. Delusional (Zev’s Brooklyn Beatdown Mix)
  • 13. Delusional (Gus Gus No Beat Mix)*
  • 14. Delusional (Kasper Bjørke Remix)*
  • 15. Delusional (Gus Gus Mix)*
  • 16. Love Games (Captain Fufanu Remix)*
  • 17. Love Games (Captain Fufanu Instrumental)*
  • 18. Love Games (Instrumental)*
  • 19. Delusional (Zev’s Dreamland Mix)*

  • * bonus tracks available on selected stores
human woman Love Games cover artwork

hfn15 :: Human Woman :: Love Games

Ahead of their self-titled album debut, Icelandic electronic-dance sensation Human Woman bring forth the ‘Love Games‘ EP.

The outfit consist of Gísli Gal-dur of prolific Icelandic band Trabant, and producer Jón Atli Helgason. Together they have forged their very own modern fusion of electronic pop and invite you to indulge yourselves in their forward-thinking aural-pleasures. After their debut single ‘Delusional‘ dropped with its sensual indie-dance roots, we now see yet another side to the dextrous act as ‘Love Games‘ enters a more up-tempo world of edgy house-club vibes -lending itself well to DJs, before dropping into a spine tingling dub-timed middle and the sing-along finale.

The package also includes various remixes and instrumentals, which all add their own special voice to the party. The mysterious yet prolific Captain Fufanu turns in a weighty guitar-sprinkled remix that echoes with spring reverb straight out of your favourite B-Movie surf flick. A stunning re-work that adds a whole different kind of drama, he also provides a Dub and Instrumental version.

Fellow Icelandic producer Bix also twists ‘Love Games‘ into a totally new beat, with low-slung beats reminiscent of some of the great 90s house dubs. Sensitively refracting the vocals and getting seriously dirty with some mid-point bassline action, its another superb addition to the package.

Tracklisting :

  • 01. Love Games
  • 02. Love Games
    (Captain Fufanu Remix)
  • 03. Love Games
    (Bix Remix)
  • 04. Love Games
    (Captain Fufanu Dub)
  • 05. Love Games
    (Instrumental) *
  • 06. Love Games
    (Captain Fufanu Instrumental) *

    * available on selected stores
Listen to Human Woman :: Love Games
human woman Delusional The Island Remixes cover artwork

hfn10 :: Human Woman :: Delusional

Human Woman is the new signing on hfn music, made up of two very promising artists from Iceland; Gisli Galdur (aka Galdur) of prolific Icelandic band Trabant, and producer Jón Atli Helgason (aka Sexy Lazer).

Coming together in the studio the pair have forged a fantastic fusion of modern electronic pop, with their debut single, ‚Delusional‘. The EP release, which will be accompanied by a music video, serves as a teaser for the upcoming debut album, which is planned for spring 2012.

Taking influences right across the board, the duo have cooked up a sensual, catchy indie-dance track that’s pleasingly reminiscent of the 80s, yet carries a great modern sheen thanks to the production skills of Human Woman. Cinematic, feel-good music for travelling, for friends, for living!

Denmark‘s wonder kid Kasper Bjørke is first to get his hands on ‚Delusional‘, introducing a straighter groove which leans more towards the slow-house-disco fraternity in this slow-cooking remix. Berlin‘s Vincenzo then takes it even more cosmic with a bass heavy club mix that maintains the slow tempo yet elevates us to a more hypnotic plain. Clean, pure elements greet us in this luxury remix from the emotive house master.

Zev from Wolf & Lamb then has his say with his ‚Brooklyn Beatdown Mix‘, breaking up the beats and tripping things out with some real old-school New York vibes. His Dreamland Mix moves into more pushing house zones, with dramatic washes of colour and dreamy, dramatic synth flourishes.

human woman Delusional The Island Remixes cover artwork

hfn10r :: Human Woman :: Delusional

The Island Remixes

After Human Woman‘s more than impressive debut for hfn music with their ‚Delusional‘ EP, we are excited to announce this special remix package with re-workings from Iceland‘s leading electronic talents, the mighty Gus Gus and Human Woman‘s own Galdur.

Gus Gus really need no introduction with their history in the electronic music scene and countless hits under their belt. Their main remix takes us into floating, warm and lush synth driven zones, enveloping the stand-out vocal from Human Woman, Gus Gus wrap us in a blanket of incredible sound, before allowing us the pleasure of also including an Instrumental Mix, and a ‚No Beat Mix‘- perfect for the wintery nights but also for next year‘s impending festival season!

Human Woman‘s Galdur then hands in his smooth electronic version that reduces the song into a cinematic slice of down-tempo techno. The mix fits so well with the original yet shifts it into more cosmic, late night territories, as it unfurls over 8 glorious minutes.



Human Woman is a combination of two extraordinary characters. Jón Atli a.k.a Sexy Lazer & Gísli Galdur a.k.a Galdur

Galdur is a former member of the electronic pop band Trabant and has also played a central role in bands like Ghostdigital, Quarashi and various oth- ers. After years of performing around the world he took his music making to another level and start- ed composing successfully for theaters in Iceland. This did not go unnoticed and he was rewarded for his composing with the prestigious Gríman drama award for Best Score. Alongside his composing he stays true to his Dj roots. Being one of Iceland’s most successfull and in-demand DJs he is known for his sheer variety of music spanning all genres making it a night to remember every time.

Sexy Lazer is known for his roles in various bands. Lately he has been collaborating with Kasper Bjørke playing bass and making remixes that make the crowd on dancefloors all around the world scream for more! Like Galdur he is one of Iceland best known DJs and spins at well known clubs inter- nationally. He has also been the ‘mood manager’ for the party scene in Reykjavik and toured with the band GusGus making sure the mood was just right. „Being a mood manager is a hard job but it’ s well rewarded“ says Sexy Lazer.

Coming together in the studio the pair have forged a fantastic fusion of modern electronic pop, with their debut single ‚Delusional‘ in January and ‘Love Games’ April 2012. The singles serve as a teaser for the upcoming selftitled debut album hitting stores mid of May 2012.

Influenced by many different music genres the duo have cooked up a sensual, catchy indie-dance track that’s pleasingly reminiscent of the 80s, yet carries a great modern sheen thanks to the pro- duction skills of Human Woman. Cinematic, feel- good music for travelling, for friends, for living.

Human Woman
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