ticktock is Sebastian Zieler, Jacob Koefoed, and Jens Skovgaard. Their version of otherworldly alternative pop takes as many of its cues from sci-fi (from Blade Runner to Iain M. Banks' Culture series) as it does from contemporary pop-producers as varied as Timbaland and Grimes. The result is playful and eclectic with melodies full of longing, and detail-oriented production.

The previous EP, Fault Lines, garnered support from The Fader, Clash Magazine, and BBC Radio 1 Introducing's Elise Cobain. Since then, ticktock has gone from Sebastian Zieler's solo project to a trio. A Violence of Innocence, an EP of four songs, will be their first release together: a fresh and experimental blend of genres - from 90s New Age, avantgarde rock, psych, acid house, and techno.

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