Born in 1975's Denmark but raised in Mozambique until the age of 10, Gry started to write her own songs when returning to Denmark and Norway - a reaction to her new surrounding as a kid who had never seen the western world before.

Exploring a musical range in between acapella, electronic and pop she quickly developed a distinct style of her own that's way beyond pure singing but includes looped vocals and experimentalism, field recordings and complex melodies as well as rhythmical patterns.

Following idiosyncratic logical paths her multi-languaged vocals deal with the universal themes of love, life and death, capturing crowds with her outstanding voice embodying exceptional originality and beauty whilst re-creating all of her songs from scratch when being onstage - breathing the smell of avant-garde whenever performing in front of an audience.

Musicwise Gry has been teaming up with the sound experimentalist Jacob Kirkegaard with whom she founded the sound art group Æter (Ether) in the early 90s. Together they released the longplay piece "Luftantenner" that was built from sound recordings captured all over Europe.

Together with the legendary Einstürzende Neubauten-drummer FM Einheit she formed the band GRY in 1996 which toured Europe and the US to great success and released the albums "Touch Of E" and "Public Recordings" as well as the radio play "Frost".  Throughout the studio recording process GRY was joined by highly respected artists such as Pan Sonic, Funkstörung and Casper Brötzmann for features.

Besides that Gry realized an opera named "Idea" for Resonance FM / London and released the album "Love" with her band offshoot The Loverz as well as her solo CD "Anima" in 2009 on her own label Present Records which she set up after moving to Berlin.

Furthermore Gry branched out to the art of film, studying at the academy of Media Arts Cologne graduating with the sound art film "Wiiiu Whit Grrr" featuring her singing and talking with animals.